By Ray Ampoloquio December 6, 2022

Someone just turned Pokemon Red into a three-hour movie

Animator, Pedro Araujo, made a choice to upload two years of his hard work on YouTube a few weeks ago and it's gone viral since. 

The fruit of all his hard labors, Pokemon Red: Full Game Animation, is exactly what it's title says it is.

It's a hand-drawn adaptation of the entirety of the events of Pokemon Red, down to the 1v1 vs Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket.

As the user KentaiP put it, "you didn't animate the game we played, you animated the game experienced. Magnificent."

According to the artist, we'll be getting a sequel soon, which is going to feature the story of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and/or Crystal. 

Hopefully, Nintendo leaves the artist alone so everyone can enjoy it.