By Scott Kostov January 8, 2023

Playtesters hype Starfield as the "biggest game" by Bethesda

With an unfathomable number of explorable planets, it's no wonder playtesters are blown away by the sheer scale and depth of Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG, Starfield.

Now, the word is spreading that even the most pessimistic folks on the team are coming away with positively strong first impressions.

People close to the playtesting team claim the game is ”bigger and more ambitious than what was previously expected”.

The same source is saying that Starfield "takes everything they’ve done in Fallout and Skyrim and raises it."

From The Elder Scrolls to Skyrim and Fallout, Bethesda has managed to outdo itself every time.

We'll find out in a few months if Starfield can join and be a part of Bethesda's staples as some of gaming's greatest games.