By Tobi Oguntola September 21, 2022

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console in August 2022

It appears that the price hike is not that big of a deal after the PS5 posted the highest number of units sold last month.

Furthermore, both the PS5 and the Xbox Series S/X enjoyed a double-digit percentage growth when compared to the same period from last year.

Despite the surge, the PS5 is still behind the Nintendo Switch for the most number of units sold for the year.

EA Sports’ Madden NFL 23 had the highest sale for individual games in what will be the 23rd consecutive year that a new Madden NFL game will make the most sales in its first month.

Interestingly enough, Saints Row took the number two spot despite the negative criticism as Marvel’s Spider-Man takes the third position.

It will be interesting to see if the PS5 will continue to sell as much this month and until the end of the holiday season.