PewDiePie describes Squid Game as an "anime rip-off"


By Ray Ampoloquio October 4, 2021

Squid Game is now on track to become the biggest Netflix TV series ever.

However, it appears that PewDiePie isn't a fan of Squid Game.

In one of his most recent uploads, the 31-year-old YouTube star can be seen playing a Roblox re-creation of Squad Game.

It was during one of these sessions where PewDiePie described Squid Game as an anime rip-off.

He also pointed out how "smart" the series' protagonist was, which he thinks is a flaw.

However, PewDiePie did add that he hadn't finished the series yet.

Speaking of Squid Game, it's currently on track to become the most-watched TV series on Netflix.

Despite Squid Game's popularity, a sequel or second season is currently not in the works.

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