New Halo trailer drops a week ahead of its premiere on Paramount Plus


By Ray Ampoloquio March 15, 2022

Paramount+'s Halo is a live-action adaptation of the video game franchise bearing the same name.

Unlike other adaptations, which leave the status of its canon up in the air, the Halo TV series has its separate timeline, the Silver Timeline.

This means that the show has a continuity that won't affect the games and other media.

Having said that, finally seeing Halo on the small screen is a pretty big deal, canonicity be damned.

With a little over a week to go before its March 24 premiere, Paramount+ released a new trailer for the Halo TV series.

The Halo TV show will be set in the 26th century with humanity at war against an intergalactic menace, the Covenant.

In the latest trailer, we can see Master Chief at war while teasing potential storylines and settings for the first season.

It also appears that it won't be a one-man show, as per the line, "Nobody can save humanity alone-not even the Master Chief."

Only time will tell if Paramount+'s efforts to get Halo turned into a live-action series will pay off.

Once the first season of Halo drops on March 24, fans can look forward to a second season, which was greenlit last February.