Paramount+ bets on Kurtzman and Star Trek


By Aron Gerencser August 4 2021

Paramount+ isn't as much of a success story compared to its rivals, at least not yet.

CBS' bets are hedged on writer, director and producer Alex Kurtzman, and they've given him control of one of the biggest sci-fi franchises to achieve success.

The new $160 million, five-and-a-half-year agreement keeps Kurtzman in the captain's chair of the Star Trek franchise, which is projected to power the Paramount+ streaming service with more shows on the way.

Star Trek: Prodigy and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds are launching later this year and sometime in 2022.

Additional untitled series are currently in production, including one revolving around Section 31 and another set at Starfleet Academy.

Star Trek is aiming to broaden its audience base, with more content aimed at children in the works.

Will it save Paramount+ or help it breach the final frontier? We'll just have to wait and see.

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