Nvidia "confirms" the massive GeForce Now leak


By Ray Ampoloquio September 14, 2021

We use the term "the mother of all"  to denote a very extreme or large example of a particular something.

We sometimes substitute it with the term "Motherload".

Either way, both are apt descriptions for the earlier Nvidia GeForce Now database leak.

A couple of days have passed since. Nvidia has finally addressed what happened and confirmed the existence of the leak.

It was only a matter of time before Nvidia addressed what happened.

Nvidia did not explicitly confirm that everything found in the leak is true, which might disappoint fans.

There is another way to look at their statement that suggests that video game fans all over the world have a reason to celebrate.

On one hand, Nvidia denounced the "unauthorized published game list" as full of "unreleased and/or speculative titles."

Nvidia explains that audiences should not take the list as a "confirmation nor an announcement of any game".

One way to look at Nvidia's statement is to believe what they just said and hope for what you just saw on the leak.

After all, it would be amazing to get a chance to play God of War on the PC. 

The same goes for Horizon Forbidden West, whose predecessor is already available to play on the PC.

Of course, even if the titles are in its early development stages, there's no guarantee that they'll release. 

After all, video games get cancelled all of the time. 

Then again, the fact that the titles exist do suggest that they might arrive in the future.

Until an official announcement is made though, we suggest taking everything you just read with a grain of salt. 

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