Spider-Man: No Way Home sets record for most digital sales with $42M in first week


By Ray Ampoloquio March 27, 2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home's box office success is no secret. The 2021 film set a COVID-19 pandemic record whilst web-slinging to a global haul of nearly $1.9 billion - good for sixth all-time.

Even though Tom Holland's third Spider-Man outing was a massive draw in theaters, it appears that the threequel is just as big of a hit now that it's available for unlimited viewing at home.

No Way Home just sold over 2.1 million units in its first week of digital release in the United States, a figure that amounts to $42 million.

As fun as it was to watch No Way Home in theaters, the digital release might feature the film's definitive version.

Marvel Studios and Sony's third collaborative Spider-Man film promises at least 80 minutes of unseen and unheard bonus content.

The only bad takeaway from No Way Home's achievement is that we'll have to wait for a while to see Holland come back to the big screen.

With the MCU set to explore other pockets of its cinematic universe for the next year or two, we wouldn't be surprised if we don't end up seeing Holland until the next Avengers film.