Sony's Nixxes Software Acquisition Reaffirms Company's PC Commitment


By Ray Ampoloquio July 1, 2021

Sony just hit it big with the acquisition of Nixxes Software, a studio that specializes in PC ports. 

The British company previously worked with Square Enix to port its Tomb Raider trilogy games, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Marvel's Avengers to the PC. 

With the acquisition, Sony just confirmed just how serious it is about making more of its games available on the PC. 

Sony has already released Days Gone for the PC after the success of Horizon: Zero Dawn last year. 

With Nixxes Software in tow, Sony might ramp up its production of PC ports. 

Nixxes Software's first project under the PlayStation Studios banner could be Uncharted 4.

Nixxes Software might have already finished working on porting Final Fantasy VII Remake over to the PC before it was acquired by Sony. 

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