Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth audio


By Aron Gerencser September 15, 2021

After an epic and brutal 4 year struggle against impossible odds, Nintendo has achieved a landmark breakthrough.

They successfully completed the herculean feat of enabling Bluetooth audio device pairing on Switch devices.

Announced via Twitter, the update is live now.

Of course, there are some (many) limitations to the feature.

If you recently bought an external Bluetooth adapter for your Switch, don't lament it as a wasted expense just yet.

When any audio device is connected with Bluetooth, a maximum of 2 controllers may be connected.

The Bluetooth audio device will automatically disconnect whenever any local communication takes place.

Bluetooth microphones cannot be used.

There is a limit of one Bluetooth audio device that can be connected at any given time.

Maybe we'll get other themes beyond basic black and basic white 4 years from now?

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