Nintendo might have just fixed the Switch's Joy-Con drift issues


By Ray Ampoloquio July 29, 2021

The Nintendo Switch portable console has been a huge success for the Japanese console manufacturer.

Part of the reason for this lies in Nintendo's wealth of first-party exclusives.

However, the Switch isn't perfect. It has its fair share of issues. The most glaring of which lies in the Joy-Con controller.

Four years since the Switch was first released, it appears that Nintendo has finally found a fix.

Although Nintendo hasn't outright confirmed that it has solved the drift issues with the Joy-Con, one of its newer products might have done the trick.

A user just pointed out a small but impactful difference in the limited-edition Joy-Con controller compared to the older models.

As we've already mentioned, this isn't confirmed by Nintendo yet. This might have just been a design choice that is completely unrelated to the drift issues of the Joy-Con.

All we can do is to wait and speculate until Nintendo officially confirms the fix.

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