Nintendo E3 2021 Wishlist: What We'd Like to See from Nintendo


By Hassan Sajid June 9, 2021

Nintendo's E3 2021 is just around the corner and here is a list of things we would like to see during the event

It is not confirmed whether the new and improved Nintendo Switch Pro is real or not. But, the recent leaks suggest its arrival is imminent.

There has been a handful of Fire Emblem games that were released prior to 2012's awakening. Because of this, we do think that Nintendo has a lot of incentive to try and remake the older Fire Emblem titles

Everyone's favorite Breath of The Wild has inspired many games but none comes close to the original. This has set the bar high for the sequel which we're all looking forward to

This is something that is probably not going to happen but xCloud can certainly enhance the Nintendo Switch experience.

There are still 2 empty fighter slots left and it would make sense for Nintendo to introduce a new fighter during the event. Fans seem to think it could be Master Chief from Halo