By Hassan Sajid September 14, 2022

Nintendo announced a new Fire Emblem game for Nintendo Switch

Several games were revealed during Nintendo Direct, one of which is a surprising sequel to the popular turned-based tactical RPG series called Fire Emblem.

The sequel to Fire Emblem: Three Houses is called Fire Emblem Engage and features a new multi-colored hair hero and protagonist.

The classic grid-based combat system that the series has come to be known for returns but with an addition of a new hero summoning mechanic.

The summonable heroes include all the heroes from the previous Fire Emblem games, including Marth and Cecilia.

It seems that the protagonist belongs to a race of divine dragons who need to team up with other heroes to collect Emblem Rings and defeat the Fell Dragon.

The standard version of Fire Emblem Engage is scheduled to release on January 20, 2023. Dedicated fans can also order a Divine Edition containing a bunch of collectibles.