Nicolas Cage is starring in his first Western movie, The Old Way


By Ray Ampoloquio September 11, 2021

Nicolas Cage is a veteran actor that has starred in dozens of films over the years.

He's earned several accolades for his performances and has had his fair share of critics love, as well as hate, his films.

Despite having starred in several films throughout his career, there's one thing that Nicolas Cage hasn't had a chance to do yet.

Nicolas Cage apparently hasn't had the chance to do a Western movie yet.

This is all about to change soon though.

The award-winning actor is going to play the role of Colton Briggs in The Old Way.

The former gunslinger-turned-general store manager, Briggs, has given up his old ways to spend time with his family.

Unfortunately, it appears that the bad guys just can't leave him alone.

From out of nowhere, a band of outlaws decides to murder his wife in cold blood.

It is now up to Cage's character to exact revenge and hunt down the dastardly villains responsible for his wife's demise.

But, that's not all. Cage also has another Western movie in the works.

In addition to The Old Way, Cage is also going to star in Butcher's Crossing.

The upcoming Western movie is based on the John Williams novel of the same name.

The movie tells the tale of a Harvard dropout who ventures Westward in the late 1800s.

Nicolas Cage is expected to film both movies back-to-back in Montana. 

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