Niantic responds to Pokémon Go controversy


By Aron Gerencser August 9, 2021

There's been turbulence in the Pokémon GO community since Niantic announced that stay-at-home features would be rolled back.

Fans were incensed at this announcement, and organized a one-day boycott of the AR game.

Now, Niantic has issued a response to the controversy.

Niantic's corporately worded response boils down to two key points.

The company reaffirmed that the rolling back of gameplay changes implemented during the pandemic restores 'foundational elements' of the game.

However, despite this, Niantic has heard the community outcry and is seeking to come to a resolution.

Nonetheless, that resolution isn't equal to a full backtrack.

Niantic announced the creation of special development team designed to meet community demands while staying true to the Pokémon GO vision.

The developers have committed to giving players an update by September 1.

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