By Ray Ampoloquio August 29, 2022

The newer and lighter PS5 is already out in Australia

The PS5 is literally about to get lighter.

Japanese retailers were the first to reveal the CFI-1200 model, but their info revealed that it won't come out until September 15.

For some reason, some Australian retailers got first dibs on the less-chunky beast of a console and sold it early to a lucky handful of consumers.

It's believed that the new PS5 model is around 500 grams lighter.

This would put the standard PS5 at around 3.9 kilograms and the Digital Edition PS5 at 3.4 kilograms.

The new PS5s are still heavier compared to the PS4 Slim (2.1 kilograms) and the PS4 Pro (3.3 kilograms) but it should make the new PS5 weigh a lot less than the Xbox Series X (4.45 kilograms).