Fans are furious following sudden New World server transfer changes


By Ray Ampoloquio October 10, 2021

Amazon promised New World players they could transfer and play on a server with their friends later.

Unfortunately, Amazon's earlier promise turned out to be false. 

Amazon confirmed that the earlier information about server transfers in New World were incorrect. 

Naturally, fans are pissed that they're now stuck playing in server in different regions. 

New World came out in late September and was well-received by fans. 

Unfortunately, the influx of players made it impossible for Amazon to keep up. 

As a temporary solution, Amazon recommended players join other servers in with the option to transfer later on.

Unfortunately, while the option to transfer is there, it's not as robust as most would like. 

If the server transfer rules are final, we can only hope that those affected are compensated properly for their efforts.

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