Sony cancels the McDualSense controller


By Ray Ampoloquio August 2, 2021

Unlike DualShock controllers, the PS5's DualSense isn't available in many colorways.

This explains why news of a new DualSense colorway being released went viral so quickly.

Unfortunately, McDonald's just confirmed that Sony did not authorize its release of a limited-edition DualSense controller.

McDonalds' PS5 Dualsense controller ditches the default two-tone colorway.

The McDualSense comes in the company's red, yellow, and white colors, with the McDonald's symbol prominently featured on the touchpad.

Had Sony greenlit the design, Mcdonald's Australia would have given away a total of 50 DualSense controllers.

McDonald's Australia also announced that it had decided to postpone the company's 50th anniversary Birthday Stream Week to an unknown date.

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