Bioware just dropped a new Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion


By Ray Ampoloquio July 1, 2021

Star Wars: The Old Republic  is turning 10 in December 2021. 

To commemorate this huge milestone, BioWare is releasing a new expansion for the game, Legacy of the Sith. 

Unlike previous expansions, Legacy of the Sith will place the focus of the game's story back on the Empire-Republic conflict. 

In addition to a new storyline, Legacy of the Sith will bring a slew of quality of life improvements. 

According to BioWare, much of the changes included in Legacy of the Sith is aimed towards newcomers. 

However, changes such as the Combat Styles are very much beneficial to everybody. 

BioWare added that it plans on introducing more updates throughout 2022 as part of the game's 10th-year anniversary celebration. 

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