By Hassan Sajid August 18, 2022

New leaks suggest GTA 6 could have single-player DLC

According to a reliable insider, Rockstar Games is working on introducing single-player DLCs in GTA 6.

We've also seen single-player DLC in GTA 4, which was well-received by the fans. So it is not new in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Seeing the success of the GTA 4 DLCs, fans expected Rockstar Games to introduce single-player post-launch content for GTA 5.

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games didn't anticipate the incredible success of GTA Online, which resulted in them shifting their focus from single-player DLC to GTA Online.

Tez2, a reliable insider, claims that Rockstar Games is planning on introducing single-player DLC in GTA 6 in the form of new cities and missions added over time.

The game is still quite far into the future and according to reliable sources it won't be out until at least 2024-2025.