New HBO Max sizzle reel gives audiences a better look at the Peacemaker TV series


By Ray Ampoloquio September 20, 2021

We have John Cena to thank for Peacemaker's sudden popularity. 

His masterful performance of the beacon of justice-wearing anti-hero earned him a lot of fans and praise. 

All his efforts will definitely come in handy as he is set to star in a Peacemaker TV series. 

Fans are definitely excited to know more about the John Cena-led spin-off.

With that said, fans are about to get even more hyped thanks to the latest HBO Max sizzle reel. 

The first official Peacemaker teaser sees the eponymous anti-hero step out of a familiar vehicle. 

He then walks inside a restaurant to meet some people, one of which asks him why he's in costume. 

To no one's surprise, Peacemaeker responds by saying that it's his uniform. 

What appears next is a series of scenarios where Peacemaker is definitely preparing for something. 

We can only assume that this has something to do with The Suicide Squad's post-credits scene. 

Hopefully, we'll get a chance to see more of Peacemaker as we inch closer to its rumored January 2022 premiere date.

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