New Flash set Photo leaks Ben Affleck Batman


By Geoff Borgonia July 27, 2021

More set photos have leaked from the production of The Flash, this time confirming Ben Affleck’s return as Batman as well as a new Bat-vehicle.

The photos confirm Ben Affleck will be suiting up at Batman in The Flash.

Looking at the new Bat-suit, it seems there will be more of a segregated look to the updated costume.

The previous Batman costume that Ben Affleck wore in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League looked more like a single body suit with sculpted areas.

The new Bat-cylce has a similar design sense as the more tank-like Bat-mobile seen in Batman v Superman and Justice League.

The leaked Bat-suit has the smaller Bat-ears where previous versions, such as Keaton’s and Bale’s were longer and looked more like horns.

The set photos indicate that Ben Affleck’s Batman will not just be wearing the costume, but also be featured in at least one action set piece in a car chase scene.

Could The Flash film conclusion lead to two Batmen co-existing in the same universe?

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