The latest Dexter: New Blood trailer is getting fans more excited for the series' revival


By Ray Ampoloquio November 8, 2021

Showtime's award-winning series, Dexter, ended its run back in 2013. 

All in all, Dexter ran for eight successful seasons with a historical season finale. 

However, fans weren't exactly satisfied with the way that things ended for Dexter.

The revival season, Dexter: New Blood, seeks to fix this problem and give the series the ending that it deserves.

The series' "ninth" season already premiered last November 7 with its first episode. 

The latest sneak peek suggests that Dexter is trying to turn over a new leaf while struggling to fight against his murderous tendencies. 

It also appears that Dexter is trying to make amends with his son for much of the latest season.

Fans will find out more about New Blood in future episodes that will air every Sunday until December 26, 2021.