Bungie reveals new Destiny 2 weapons and gear in latest The Witch Queen trailer


By Ray Ampoloquio February 1, 2022

Bungie's Destiny 2 just keeps on chugging along, thanks in part to the studio's efforts to introduce massive updates.

The latest Destiny 2 update, The Witch Queen, will introduce several game-changing features.

While players already had an idea what to expect from Destiny 2 in a few weeks, an official trailer is getting fans even more hyped.

From what we know of The Witch Queen, the story will see Guardians take on the more powerful Light-wielding Hive Guardians.

Thankfully, Bungie is giving players a bunch of new exotic weapons to make this job easier.

As revealed by Bungie on the game's official YouTube channel, Destiny 2 is about to get a handful of new exotics.

But, that's not all. Glaives and their class-specific abilities are all potential game-changers.

Be warned, only the Glaives are available to all Destiny 2 players. You'll need to own the Season Pass to access the new exotics.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is set to launch on February 22.