The new Cobra Kai Season 4 poster teases a major karate clash


By Ray Ampoloquio December 3, 2021

Season 3 set the stage for an unlikely alliance between former rivals and an all-out brawl.

Season 4 will see everything that's led up to it come to a head.

To help mark the upcoming fourth season of Cobra Kai, Netflix decided to drop a hype-inducing poster featuring characters from both sides.

With only a few weeks to go before Season 4 premieres on New Year's eve, the poster does an excellent job of reminding audiences to pick sides.

After Johnny successfully reformed his former dojo, his former mentor, Kreese, has come back to lead Cobra Kai once again.

Meanwhile, opposite the Cobra Kai is the unified front of Johnny and Daniel, which was established at the end of Season 3.

What makes Season 4 of Cobra Kai so interesting is what's at stake.

Each dojo has decided to wager their respective dojo. This means that whoever loses at the All Valley will have to skip town for good.

This should help create some much-needed tension and drama for the series' fourth season.

Cobra Kai Season 4 will drop on Netflix just in time for New Year's eve.