By Ray Ampoloquio September 30, 2022

A new American Pie movie is finally in development

American Pie might be an iconic franchise but it wouldn't fly as easily these days as it did many years ago.

However, this hasn't stopped Universal Pictures from picking up writer Sujata Day and her original pitch for an American Pie film. 

The Insecure actress is offering a "fresh take" on the long-running comedy series, which many are hoping will revitalize the franchise.

It's not clear who will direct the upcoming American Pie movie or if it will be a spin-off or a mainline installment.

The way that the report talks about Day's take on American Pie suggests that it will differ from its predecessors.

In the meantime, fans will want to watch Cobra Kai, which was co-created by the writers and directors of American Pie Reunion.