Netflix sets sights on Nolan after Warner Bros row


By Aron Gerencser July 29, 2021

Christopher Nolan is a highly renowned filmmaker who has had a flourishing partnership with Warner Bros spanning many years.

However, when the studio decided to premier Tenet on HBO Max streaming the same day as it hit theatres, that partnership became strained. Netflix is ready to fill the void.

The choice to show the films on HBO Max was made due to the various restrictions still in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, limiting the access audiences have to theatres.

The theater-versus-streaming debate has gotten more heated among filmmakers, and Nolan is squarely in team theatre. He openly criticized the move, later stating that he was unlikely to work with WB again.

Netflix is keen to swoop in and make friends with the filmmaker. An odd idea, to say the least, since the entire situation arose out of Nolan's support of theatrical experiences.

Netflix movie chief Scott Stuber is hopeful for a partnership regardless, following Netflix's success in working out a deal with Amblin Entertainment and the similarly theatre-supporting Steven Spielberg.

Stuber seems adamant and has stated that he is going to "do everything he can", going on to say that Netflix would be a home for Nolan.

Christopher Nolan has yet to announce his next film.

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