Netflix is set to release an interactive WWE horror movie this October


By Ray Ampoloquio September 7, 2021

Netflix and WWE struck a deal back in 2019 for WWE studios to produce family-friendly movies for the streaming platform.

In 2021, we're going to see yet another project come to fruition because of that partnership.

However, unlike previous offerings, the next WWE film to premiere on Netflix will be more horrifying than family-friendly.

The said film will star none other than the WWE legend, The Undertaker.

In addition to Callaway, Escape the Undertaker, will also feature the three members of The New Day act.

Escape the Undertaker will be the latest WWE project to hit Netflix since the two started working together.

The upcoming interactive horror movie is also part of the streaming platform's attempt to diversify its library.

Although interactive movies aren't exactly video games, the two are quite close.

Not to mention, Escape the Undertaker could become a huge hit on Netflix.

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