By Hassan Sajid September 27, 2022

Netflix is building an internal games studio to develop original games

The hit streaming giant Netflix recently delved into the gaming industry, acquiring a handful of gaming studios to produce games for its mass audience.

In a public statement, Netflix announced that they're working on building their first in-house games studio to develop original games.

This initiative is also an effort to push toward an independent gaming studio rather than relying on third-party studios.

The new studio is going to be the fourth studio under Netflix and will be based in Helsinki, Finland. It will be lead by Marko Lastikka as the Studio Director.

Currently, Netflix boasts an impressive roster of thirty-one mobile games, completely free to play for its subscribers. The games do not have any micro-transactions or advertisements.

Will the home of streaming be able to compete with the biggest gaming companies well-established in the market? Only time will tell.