By Tobi Oguntola November 28, 2022

Netflix greenlit a new live-action spinoff of The Witcher

Netflix has reportedly given a go-ahead to a new live-action spinoff of its highly popular series The Witcher.

The new spinoff is reportedly in development and it'll chronicle the adventure of a group of young Nilfgardians known as The Rats.

According to the books, The Rats are a group of misfits that take Ciri in after she separated from Geralt in the books.

The group had six members Giselher, Mistle, Reef, Iskra, Kayleigh, and Reef before they admitted Ciri into their ranks.

The Rats will be introduced in the series for the first time in episodes 7 and 8 of the next season before taking on a big role in Season 4.

If we're lucky, we'll be able to watch the unannounced spin-off to The Witcher in the next two years.