Dataminers find proof of a potential Netflix and PlayStation partnership


By Ray Ampoloquio July 18, 2021

Leaks and speculation in the gaming industry are fairly common. However, when it comes from data that is mined directly from the source code, that's another story.

Case in point, what data miner Steve Moser just uncovered in the Netflix app code.

Months ago, there were reports that the streaming giant was looking for an executive to help make this expansion into the video game space happen.

Then, earlier this month, Netflix has made it happen.

Now, Steve Moser appears to have found clues hinting at a possible partnership between Netflix and PlayStation.

According to Moser, Netflix has designated its gaming section with the codename of Shark. 

Moser adds that the PlayStation IP placement suggests that a collaboration between the two is imminent.

At the moment, Netflix has a whole slate of movies and TV shows based on video games set to premiere on the platform within this year and beyond.

At the same time, Sony has made it clear that it wants to use its existing franchises to explore other venues.

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