By Ray Ampoloquio November 24, 2022

Official Need for Speed Twitter account calls fan "milkshake brain"

The guy running the Need for Speed Twitter account just got into a verbal spat with a fan.

As Need for Speed: Unbound inches closer to its release date, the account confirmed pre-ordering the Palace Edition of the upcoming racing sim will grant its owners early access on November 29 (instead of the original release date).

However, one sassy fan pointed out that nobody really asked for the announcement, saying: "Hold on - what did we ask for and what did you listen to, exactly? To pay more to get 3 days early access?"

The initial tweet triggered an argument between the two parties led to the surprised fan being called "milkshake brain" and being told that "reading is fundamental."

Apparently, the higher-ups did not like this confrontation at all (duh?) as EA has since deleted the tweet and subsequently issued an apology.

Need for Speed: Unbound will be out on December 2 but you can get early access on the 29th if you buy the Palace Edition.