More writers, artists speak out against Marvel, DC


By Aron Gerencser August 11, 2021

The comic book movie industry is facing a period of turbulence.

More and more talent has begun voicing their concerns about unfair pay and mishandling of contracts.

Writers and artists have added their voices to those of actors who feel that the studios making billions of dollars off their work are not paying employees and creative talent sufficiently.

The comic industry has a history of giving the creatives coming up with characters and writing stories a tough break.

The movies of the MCU and DCEU are huge undertakings with massive casts and crews working on bringing these productions to life.

However even before the movies are even greenlit, huge amounts of work have already been done.

Just about everything we've ever seen in a Marvel or DC movie is a reshuffling of ideas other already put on pages.

According to some who spoke about working for Disney or DC, all they got were “based on the comic book created by” credits at the end of a movie.

The currently on-going lawsuit between Disney and Scarlett Johansson brought many long-lasting injustices in the comic book industry to the forefront.

With actors, writers and artists joining in support of the push against Disney, the long-lasting effects of the lawsuit may end up being even greater than expected.

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