An employee might have just leaked the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake


By Ray Ampoloquio October 10, 2021

Fans have been asking for more Metal Gear games for years.

Now, it appears that Konami and another studio is finally going to give fans what they want.

The latest Metal Gear info doesn't just come from a leak or industry insider.

Instead, it comes from the Linkedin profile of a Virtuos Games employee.

Zhiyang Li's Linkedin profile details his most recent project, an Unannounced 3A Action Adventure game remake.

Many believe that this project is the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, which would make sense.

Earlier this year, Konami skipped E3 2021 because it was working on several projects at the time.

Of course, it's best to take this info with a grain of salt until Konami or Virtuos confirms the name of the project.

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