Job listing provides more details about IO Interactive's 007 Bond game


By Ray Ampoloquio July 19, 2021

Since announcing Project 007 in late 2020, IO Interactive has kept details about its latest title close to its chest.

Luckily, hawk-eyed observers have been quick to notice every tidbit of information that is inadvertently leaked about Project 007 by way of job listings.

The most recent one sheds more light about what the kind of game that fans should expect in what is going to be the MI6 agent's latest video game outing.

The job listing details that Project 007 is going to be a 3rd-person action-oriented game with strong stealth and adventure elements with maps, enemies, as well as challenges that will adapt to whatever players do in the game.

Now, if this all sounds just like the Hitman games, then you're not exactly wrong.

The question now is if this is the right approach.

Something along the lines of a flashier Hitman 3 with Bond gadgets in place of assassin's tools would probably result in one of the best video games based on movies to ever release.

Either way, this is not set in stone just yet.

Because the project is still in development, there's a chance that IO Interactive could change things up midway.

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