Gematsu corroborate Chrono Cross remaster reports


By Ray Ampoloquio November 30, 2021

Leaks, rumors, and speculations are never a sure thing, especially in video games. 

However, when multiple sources all report roughly the same thing, it pays to listen. 

Case in point, the Chrono Cross remaster or remake. 

After the now-infamous GeForce Now leak revealed that a Chrono Cross remaster is in the works, other sources have corroborated this information. 

One of the first to do so was XboxEra, who claims that Chrono Cross is getting a full-on remake treatment. 

Now, it's Gematsu, which reported that Chrono Cross is getting a remaster, but not a full-on remake. 

It'll be interesting to see which of these reports end up being true or not. 

All that fans can do for now is to wait for more announcements to come from Square Enix.