By Darryl Lara March 17, 2023

Microsoft inks a ten-year deal with Boosteroid

Microsoft is trying to convince a bunch of anti-trust regulators it won't shut everyone out of the Activision Blizzard properties it is about to buy.

As part of its efforts, the tech giant recently announced that it has struck a new ten-year deal with Ukraine-based cloud gaming platform Boosteroid.

The company didn't go into the specifics of the deal, but it will likely be similar to Microsoft’s agreement with Nvidia.

Boosteroid has a global reach, serving gamers in the US, UK, and EU.

In 2023, Boosteroid announced that it is bringing the cloud-based gaming service to Mac, Chromebooks, Android set-top boxes, and LG TVs.

Boosteroid is a leading cloud gaming provider in the world and arguably the biggest that's still independent.