By Ray Ampoloquio August 10, 2022

Microsoft denies rumors that Elden Ring is coming to the Game Pass

The Twitterverse is abuzz with talks that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will get Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto V, among other games.

Fueling the speculation is a couple of errant store pages and ads of the said games sporting the branding for Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

But, it appears that Microsoft is aware of this and has since already updated the concerned pages. Apparently, this was all due to a bug.

You can go ahead and check the Xbox store yourself right now. You'll find that GTA V as well as Elden Ring and the other games involved no longer list support for cloud streaming.

It's a shame that Elden Ring as well as GTA V aren't coming to the Game Pass, but we're still hoping that Microsoft has huge plans for Xbox Cloud Gaming in the near future.