Max Payne voice actors reunite for 20th anniversary celebration


By Ray Ampoloquio July 26, 2021

Max Payne is widely considered one of the most influential action games of the 2000s.

The first game was released twenty years ago on July 23, 2001.

For the series' 20th anniversary celebration, the two people that brought the tough and cynical undercover DEA agent to video game life decided to pay tribute to the character.

Remedy Entertainment recently brought together the face of Max Payne, Sam Lake, who now works as the Creative Director over at Remedy Entertainment, as well as his voice, James McCaffery.

As for a sequel or a new entry to the series, we wouldn't bet on it.

The original makers, Remedy Entertainment, no longer owns the rights to the series. Meanwhile, Rockstar Games is busy working on GTA 6 and GTA Online.

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