Matt Damon auditioned to play as Robin in two different Batman films and got denied both times


By Ray Ampoloquio August 1, 2021

As it turns out, Damon was in talks to star in a comic book movie way before the MCU and the DCEU ever came to be.

In a recent interview, the Bourne films actor revealed that he auditioned to take on the role of Robin in two separate Batman movies earlier in his career.

Damon explained that he had tried out for the part in 1989's Batman by Tim Burton and 1995's Batman Forever by Joel Schumacher.

Unfortunately, in both cases, Damon's hopes of being part of a superhero film were dashed.

The most interesting part here is that 1995's Batman Forever has a long list of actors who could have potentially played Robin.

All of these actors went on to enjoy significantly better careers compared to the actor who was cast to play  the part of Robin.

As for why he was passed on for the role of Robin in both films, one  could argue that it is the result of the actor's relative anonymity at  the time.

Since then, Damon has enjoyed a stellar career.

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