Masters of the Universe: Revelation details revealed


By Geoff Borgonia July 8, 2021

The words "By the power of Grayskull" are some of the most iconic and recognizable pop culture references you'll find.

The Masters of the Universe draught will soon be ending with an upcoming Netflix mini-series that will explore Eternia as never before.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is working on Masters of the Universe: Revelation and Netflix has picked it up.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation will be based on the original animated series, following immediately after the last episode of the Filmation version.

It will also be a more adult-oriented production, similar to another recent successful Netflix animated series, Castlevania.

The series will center on Teela as the focal point, with Prince Adam/He-Man playing more of a supporting role than prior series from the franchise.

The scenes included in the most recent trailer also allude at Teela’s role as the narrative point of the central conflict and plotline.

The Sword of Power, the source of He-Man’s might, is also going to be divided into two separate swords.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mark Hamill, Henry Rollins among others and releases on Netflix on July 23, 2021.

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