Mario Golf: Super Rush gets New Donk City DLC


By Aron Gerencser August 10, 2021

Super Rush for the Switch launched earlier this summer to little fanfare, and is now getting its first major DLC.

At launch, Mario Golf: Super Rush was met with positive responses, just... not many.

The game left many questioning its longevity, due to its relatively low amount of content.

This new update is seeking to remedy that.

The free update adds a new course based on the New Donk City location.

Toadette joins the roster of characters players can pick.

A new Ranked mode has been added for the more dedicated players out there.

Rising through the ranks in the new Ranked mode will unlock special new rewards, like the ability to change Yoshi's color.

A number of technical improvements are also bundled up in this free update.

The main talking point here is the refined and improved motion controls.

More free updates like this one are on the way for Super Rush throughout the year.

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