Magic: Legends is Shutting Down For Good in October


By Ray Ampoloquio June 29, 2021

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World first announced Magic: Legends back in 2019. 

Magic: Legends was an action RPG set in the Magic The Gathering universe with gameplay similar to the Diablo games.

Based on an established universe, Magic: Legends had the potential to be one of the best dungeon crawlers not named Diablo. 

Unfortunately, we'll never know if Magic: Legends could ever live up to expectations after it was cancelled while still in Open Beta. 

The title's executive producer confirmed that the game will be shutting down in October 2021. 

Cryptic Studios clarified that the studio doesn't plan on resuming work on the game in the future. 

Everyone who spent real money on the game's in-game shop will also be refunded in full.

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