Epic Shows Off Loki Skin for Fortnite


By Ray Ampoloquio June 28, 2021

Epic is digging deep into the Marvel well again with a fan-favourite coming to Fortnite soon.

The occasional villain and anti-hero, Loki, will be added to Fortnite soon as a playable skin. 

The Loki skin for Fortnite includes the God of Mischief as a Fortnite Crew exclusive skin.

Users with active Fortnite Crew memberships will receive the skin on July 1 for free, along with the other usual monthly bonuses. 

The official announcement and reveal trailer comes just days after Epic first teased the skin on its social media accounts. 

It'll be interesting to see if Epic is going to bring in more Loki-related skins like Lady Loki or Slyvie, among others. 

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