Loki finale beats other Marvel Disney+ viewer numbers


By Geoff Borgonia July 22, 2021

A new report of the U. S. viewership for the Loki season finale episode "For All Time, Always" confirms higher viewer numbers than other Marvel Disney+ shows.

Previously, the premiere episode of Loki garnered the best numbers versus other Disney+ shows in terms of U.S. viewers based on the Samba TV data.

For the five-day period after the initial release, Loki’s premiere episode hit 2.5 million U.S. household viewers.

The Loki finale episode pulled in 939,000 U.S. households’ viewership on its day of release.

It outperformed WandaVision (1.4 million) and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (1.7 million) five day finale U.S. household viewer numbers.

The information that Samba TV provides is generally used to determine viewership, audience share, preferences, and trends.

The Loki series finale where the god of mischief and his variant Sylvie confronts Immortus (aka the Kang variant "He Who Remains") will have ramifications for the future of the MCU.

The Marvel Disney+ shows have been consistent with retaining its audience shares, with very little drops.

To further celebrate the success of the Loki series, Marvel Studios is releasing Assembled:  The Making of Loki on the Disney+ streaming service.

Assembled:  The Making of Loki features cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the production.

The data from the Samba TV numbers will likely influence decisions for future projects under the Marvel Disney+ exclusive banner.

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