LG introduces a massive 325-Inch 8K home cinema display

By Hassan Sajid September 16, 2021

Despite technological stagnation from time to time, technology continues to advance.

We've seen great improvements in all areas of tech whether its smartphones, cameras, consoles or TVs.

Over the past few years, well-known manufacturers such as Samsung & Sony have come up with huge TVs.

Samsung and Sony have introduced giants such as a 292-inch MicroLED 'The Wall' and a 100-Inch XD9 4K TV, respectively.

LG has launched a new 325-Inch flatscreen Direct View LED (DVLED) to compete against Samsung & Sony.

LG has introduced a new line-up of home cinema displays and 325-Inch display is part of this line-up.

The smallest available size is 108-Inch and, of course, the largest being the 325-Inch DVLED TV.

Generally, TVs in the market use LCD panels made up of a layer of liquid crystal illuminated by a backlight for display.

DVLED uses a surface array of light-emitting diodes (LED) mounted directly on the circuit panel.

This panel also includes MicroLEDs to create pixels and eliminate blurriness or tearing, resulting in crisp and clear image quality.

But, having so many LEDs also leads to the humongous size of the display, with it weighing approximately 2,000 pounds (907 kgs).

Having such a  huge display might be majestic in many ways, but it has a lot of cons associated with it.

The first being the price, obviously! $1.7 Million can pay off a lot of other necessities for an average consumer.

The second issue is the size, oh the irony. The average consumer won’t have the necessary space to mount this 2,000 pounds display.

Let’s not forget the power consumption this TV will cause resulting in higher than average electricity bills.

While the 325-Inch option might not be an average consumer’s cup of tea, they can always opt for a smaller, more affordable 2K or 4K display option.

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