By Tobi Oguntola November 24, 2022

Letitia Wright hits out at reporter and publication for comparing her to alleged sexual predators

Black Panther actress Letitia Wright has issued a response to an article by The Hollywood Reporter that compared her to some of Hollywood’s most infamous men.

Wright called out the article by saying they've been "incredibly disrespectful" and "disgusting".

The 29-year-old star further rebuked Feinberg’s statements that she continued discussions of her beliefs with the cast and crew of Wakanda Forever and told him to "…ASK MY PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR".

The actress stated that since her gaffe, she's remained silent and worked on her craft even if she's facing harsh criticisms. 

She declared she won’t remain silent anymore and accused Feinberg and The Hollywood Reporter of having an agenda against her.

In her words, "Your agenda towards me is now even more clear. I won’t remain silent. Stop your disgusting behavior."