Leaker teases the appearance of Kassandra in future Assassin's Creed Valhalla DLC


By Ray Ampoloquio August 3, 2021

At the moment, Valhalla has one DLC available to download.

Now, a known leaker seems to have found proof as to what kind of content we can expect in future Valhalla DLCs.

J0nathan found evidence in the game's files of what appears to be a conversation between Eivor and Kassandra.

The quest reportedly begins when a certain character goes to Ravensthorpe to tell the news of Randvi's sighting on Skye Island.

Eivor then heads off to Skye Island where he finds someone that looks a lot like Randvi but isn't.

This person turns out to be Kassandra.

It is interesting to know that these two end up meeting each other. Even if the chances are low, it's not exactly impossible.

Kassandra is immortal and she could have gone on adventures all over the world before her death thousands of years after the events of Odyssey.

Either way, we know for sure that that the story of Valhalla isn't over yet.

Remember, as the assassin's like to say, nothing is true and everything is permitted.

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