By Ray Ampoloquio September 25, 2022

Leaker backs up earlier claims that GTA 6 is coming out in 2025

Just a little over a week after we got official GTA 6 by way of a leak, a trusted source might have just confirmed when we can expect the next GTA game to come out.

According to the insider, GTA 6 will be out by 2025, which is in line with previous leaks about the next GTA game. 

The same source is one of the insiders that were first to come out with info on upcoming games such as the next set of Assassin's Creed games and many others.

When it comes to credible info, the source is as legit as it gets so it might be worth keeping a close eye on the latest GTA 6 developments.

For what it's worth, GTA 6 isn't ready to release anytime soon if we judge by what we saw in the latest GTA leaks.

Rockstar Games is currently in the middle of dealing with the fallout following the recent hacking incident.