By Hassan Sajid September 29, 2022

Leaked PC gameplay of Returnal confirms NVIDIA DLSS and FSR

Despite all the leaks hinting towards the eventual release of Returnal on PC, Housemarque has been awfully quiet about it.

From the NVIDIA listing leak to the unintentional PC showcase, Housemarque couldn't have made it any more obvious.

Apparently, the PC gameplay of the Returnal showcasing the visual settings has been leaked online.

The settings seem to have a lot of advanced visual features, including ray-tracing shadows and reflections, screen optimization features like NVIDIA DLSS, and even AMD's FSR feature.

Moreover, the settings also featured Vsync and a slider with an option to select 'unlimited' frames per second as the cap.

With no official announcement, it is unclear when we can expect the game on PC. But, we know the game is already quite far into development and may be announced soon.